¡Indira está fuera!

Indira is out!

We are going to Jungle survey. This time everyone had to line up to collect stars at the snake pond. It looked like this: Katy and Indira adjusted the stars, the boys jumped on top. But only Jay managed to break one. We think that a meal is only available for the companions, the rest should be left with beans and rice as punishment for the bullying. And hopefully get gas!

Karo’s conclusion: Despite all the love for gossip, what is happening is luxury bullying. And that even Thomas or Katy wouldn’t have the guts not to participate, I wouldn’t have thought. And the dream bodies of the boys in the jungle test no longer make up for it. I am horrified! PAIR OF THE KING OF THE JUNGLE! At least a small slice of justice is still there: INDIRA IS OUT! Ha, that saves us episode 277 of the telenovela Jay Indira.

Dani’s conclusion: I can only join you Karolein. What a jump event. I think it’s extremely disgusting what the others are doing to Peer, he basically didn’t do anything at all. That has nothing to do with gossip but nasty bullying and that doesn’t work at all. That makes me very angry, Thomas and Katy, I can’t think of anything anymore. Katy, who has always been on the “social” side, also plays this nasty little game. Thomas has no opinion at all and the other two completely screwed me anyway. I have a satisfaction, the fact that no one can be seen on television after the show. Almost ALL of them have catapulted themselves OUT and that’s a good thing.

Until next jungle talk, girls! Stay tuned!

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(Photos: Stefan Menne / RTL, all the information about “I’m a star, get me out of here” in the RTL.de special)