Ingenioso: con esta novedad nunca más necesitarás toallas sanitarias o tampones

Ingenious: with this novelty you will never need sanitary pads or tampons again

Ingenious: with this novelty you will never need sanitary pads or tampons again

Madison Beer is also very familiar with the problem of menstrual losses.

How Exactly Does Thinx Period Underwear Work?

Each slip consists of a total of four lagin, also where the bandage is normally placed. First comes a place that will keep you dry. Then there is an antibacterial layer. This is followed by the absorbent layer, which can absorb up to two tampons or five teaspoons of the bleeding, depending on which glide you have chosen. The bottom layer is a repellent layer, so even yours “The whitest white pants will stay safe”as described on the page.

Does Thinx completely replace tampons and sanitary pads?

No, not quite. Thinx briefs serve as back support to tampons and menstrual cups on your busy days when you could actually go to the bathroom every hour and check that nothing has spilled. On lighter days you can completely replace them, but you have to decide for yourself. After all, the days are strong differently for every girl.

They are very supportive, especially when doing sports, because when you are particularly active you bleed more. Here they give you the security you need. Absorbent activewear like Thinx bodysuits and leggings also provide an extra portion of protection.

Here are the funniest names for your period.

Can I use Thinx again?

Yes, you can just wash your period underwear. On the other hand, it is recommended to wash them by hand first and then put them in the cold wash. Fabric softener should definitely not be used, otherwise the antibacterial and moisture repellent function may be damaged.

How much do Thinx briefs cost?

Briefs cost the equivalent of 21 to 33 euros and can be ordered through Anyone who asks for a slip is doing a good thing too: for every item sold, washable sanitary pads are sent to Uganda, where they are distributed to women and girls. Girls, in particular, often don’t go to school there for a week because they don’t have hygiene items and are laughed at for stains on their clothes.

Something cool that Thinx came up with! Especially since then you can at least store the sanitary napkins.

The small piece of fabric in your brief, which almost looks like a pocket, also serves important functions.

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