Looks inspiradores: una mirada a las tendencias de cabello 2013

Inspiring Looks: A Look at 2013 Hair Trends

Inspiring Looks: A Look at 2013 Hair Trends

wantedon 03/19/2013 | 16:18

New year, new luck – this applies not only to all situations in life, but also to those who firmly decided in 2013 to underline their look with a new haircut or even change it. The next season also has all the options for each desired type. If you look back at the previous fashion shows, the hair trends for 2013 can already be seen.

Exciting cuts, casually loose hair, fun braided hairstyles, or classic or unusual variations of ponytails and buns – there are no limits to shaggy creativity. The only important thing is that you like it and that the chosen hairstyle underlines the respective type. And something else is emerging: when it comes to colors and hairstyles, the focus is on naturalness.

The classic: curls and waves

Even in 2013 you can’t go wrong with soft curls and waves in all variations. Happy those who already have curls by nature. Everyone else can evoke soft, flowing curls or casual waves with the curling iron, hot rollers, or straightener. It is important to let the curly look look as natural as possible. In combination with an overly long pony styled to the side, the particularly large corkscrew curls exude a little ’60s charm.

2013 hair trends: from elegant to edgy

No matter what length of hair you wear or what cut you choose, you won’t be able to avoid bangs next year. Whether it’s maxi chunky bangs, extremely short straight bangs, or the variant slightly worn to the side, with the right cut you will definitely make a style statement. But the bob will also accompany us in 2013 and the chin-length version in particular will be very popular. For all women who like things a bit edgier and more twenties-style when it comes to hairy themes, the very short bob version is recommended, ending just above the ear.

Braided, nailed and twisted

If you don’t want to grab the scissors right away, you can also underline your style with quirky hairstyles. Particularly popular on red carpets in 2012 was the braid worn at the side, tied at the neck, smooth or with light waves, falling over the shoulder. A trend that is guaranteed for next year. This also includes the classic bun, the elegant neck knot, which only takes its special shape through the use of hair pads. The ponytail is still socially acceptable, it can be worn on top of the head or at the nape of the neck and it looks particularly elegant when you wrap a thick strand of hair around the braid so that the elastic in the hair disappears underneath. Especially in summer, the Gretchenzopf, French braid and other forms of casual braided hairstyles come into play again, giving each look a touch of femininity.

The color: natural nuances and delicate play of colors

Brown, blonde or red: everything is possible. However, the focus is on naturalness and that is why it is important to have hair dyed in various shades to create a natural look. However, if you want to be a bit more experimental in terms of color, the ombré hair trend is recommended, which ensures fluid color gradients in the hair. But the delicate pastel hues are still a statement that even Karl Lagerfeld made in his 2013 Cruise Collection shows. The stark contrast: noble gray tones that give the look fresh elegance.