Instagram: insertar enlace en la biografía

Instagram: insert link in bio

Instagram: insert link in bio


Would you like to add an external link on Instagram to attract more users to your website? As you know, it is not possible to post external links in captions or comments. Most social platforms allow you to share links to your website in many places. However, Instagram has greatly reduced the number of places where links can be posted. So you can only share them on your Instagram bio. And there is a reason for this.

Why are links only shareable in bio?

Instagram has special guidelines for posting external links that push the user away when opening Instagram. If you put a link in a post, you won’t be able to touch it. In other words, the link must first be copied and then pasted into a browser and opened.

Instagram’s decision to limit the places where external links can be posted is controversial. But obviously there is a thought behind this: this is to prevent users from over-promoting themselves or spreading spam on Instagram. This type of spam mainly occurs in comments and posts. Therefore, no clickable links can be placed. You can only link external content on Instagram Stories and Bio.

How to add an external link to your bio

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the short instructions.

1st step:

Open Instagram on your smartphone and switch to yours profiletapping the icon on the far right at the bottom.


2nd step:

There you have the button “Edit profile“.


3rd step:

In the text field under “WebsiteNow you can enter the desired URL. Then touch the blue tick top right to save changes.


4th step:

A will now appear in your Instagram bio External linkthat can be opened directly by other users.


Quick Start Guide

  1. Open Instagram, switch to yours profileby tapping the icon on the right below, then tapEdit profile“.
  2. Now enter under “Website“A desired Url then touch the blue tick top right. The link is now in your bio.