En lugar de una película: Dan Browns "El símbolo perdido" se convierte en una serie de televisión

Instead of a movie: Dan Browns "The lost symbol" turns into a tv series

Instead of a movie: Dan Browns "The lost symbol" turns into a tv series

After the fairly moderate success of the adaptation of the novel “Inferno,” it was questionable anyway whether another of Dan Brown’s novels would hit theaters. Now, “The Lost Symbol” will become a prequel series to “The Da Vinci Code.”

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The first two adaptations of the novel “The Da Vinci Code – Da Vinci Code” and “Illuminati”, directed by Ron Howard (“Solo: A Star Wars Story”) and starring Tom Hanks (“Forrest Gump”) are still they celebrated like great successes. The third film, “Inferno”, fell short of expectations with a revenue of $ 220 million and a budget of $ 75 million. Like colleagues from Bleeding cold report, Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” is now supposed to hit home screens. NBC has commissioned a television series titled “Langdon” to be set before the events of “The Da Vinci Code.”

“The Lost Symbol” without Tom Hanks?

According to the report, at Langdon we follow a younger Robert Langdon, professor of iconology and symbolism. After his mentor is kidnapped, he must solve a series of deadly puzzles. Together with the CIA, he uncovered a grisly conspiracy. The chronology of the novel is largely ignored in the series. It is more than questionable whether Tom Hanks will reprise the role of Harvard professor for the television adaptation, especially since he is supposed to be a much younger Robert Langdon. The screenwriter is Daniel Cerone (“Constantine”), who also serves as executive producer alongside Dan Brown and Ron Howard, among others.

This is what “The Lost Symbol” is all about.

Harvard professor Robert Langdon is invited to speak at the Capitol in Washington DC. But the night quickly takes a dramatic turn when a disturbing object is encountered that Langdon recognizes as some kind of invitation. When his friend and mentor Peter Solomon is brutally kidnapped, Langdon sees no other way out than to accept the mysterious invitation. Finally, he finds himself in a world full of Masonic secrets and hidden stories.

“Langdon” has no official start date yet.

That is why “Inferno” and not “The Lost Symbol” was made into a movie.