En lugar de LG G9: la nueva gama media premium llegará en mayo

Instead of LG G9: the new premium mid-range will arrive in May

Instead of LG G9: the new premium mid-range will arrive in May

There will soon be a new Android smartphone from LG that will serve the premium middle class and replace the G series, which has been stumbling for years.

LG wants to replace the G series, it should be called differently and take a different approach. Google will follow a similar strategy in the future. But first things first, because LG wants to introduce its new premium mid-range in the first half of the year. Now there is corresponding news from South Korea, where was the origin of some other reports about the upcoming LG smartphones. Instead of another flagship series, LG wants to target the high-end mid-range and relies on the Snapdragon 765 chip.

LG cuts out the G9 and brings an exciting Android smartphone

The new smartphone can be seen on May 15, but this date has not yet been officially communicated. But let’s keep ourselves in mind. From today’s perspective, you can expect a purely online event, perhaps even a simple press release from the manufacturer. In the best case, the price is around 500 euros or less, which could attract many interested parties and even help LG.

Google should also have the plan for its own Pixel 5 to use a Snapdragon 765. This saves huge costs without having to give up 5G. In terms of performance, the gap with the Snapdragon 865 is not that big, at least for most people it is hardly noticeable in everyday life. This exciting chip was last seen on Xiaomi and Oppo smartphones and we will probably see it more often.

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