Instrucciones: ¡Haz que blanquear la ropa sea fácil tú mismo!

Instructions: Make bleaching clothes easy yourself!

Instructions: Make bleaching clothes easy yourself!

Rinse gently

Bleaching your hair isn’t something that just happens without a trace (it’s not just my broken ends that tell me that). If you still don’t want to do without lightening your mane, maybe you should try a bleaching wash, the gentle alternative to bleaching.

A bleaching wash is, so to speak, a “bleaching light.” The ingredients are the same, only in the case of washing with water and shampoo, they stretch. In this way, the hydrogen peroxide contained is less dosed: the hair is lightened more gently, but not as much as with a real bleaching. It is particularly effective on natural hair.

A bleach wash is great if …

  • … You just want to lighten your hair a shade or two.
  • … You want your blonde hair to shine again.
  • … You want to slowly change from dark to light.
  • … You want to save your hair the stress of proper bleaching.
  • … You want a smoother transition between two hair tones.
  • … You still want to remove traces of a colorful dye such as Directions (color correction) from your hair.

The bleaching wash is used like a shampoo and can therefore be easily distributed on the hair. This makes a blotchy result much less likely. The hairdresser can take care of the special hair washing or, with a little experience, do it yourself at home.

You can gently lighten your hair with a bleaching wash.

The bleach wash only works with developer. Before using it, decide how much you want to lighten your hair. You can achieve a mild rinse with a peroxide content of 2 or 3 percent, a stronger rinse does it with 6 or 9 percent. It’s best to start gently and repeat the bleaching wash later if necessary, rather than going straight to your hair in full chemical potency. Because even if the bleaching is diluted a lot and used more gently, it still interferes with the structure of your hair, which can be damaged in the process.

You can’t get all the whitening ingredients from dm or Rossmann, but rather online or at hair salons. You need:

You do not need to wash your hair before you start bleaching. You can do this if you are going to wash your hair anyway. Ideally, enlist the support of a second person who will control the degree of lightening during the exposure time and therefore possibly avoid an unwanted orange tint.

  1. Put all the ingredients in the bowl and mix them gently.
  2. Divide your hair into four sections and secure it to your head with bobby pins.
  3. Now start with the even application of the bleaching shampoo on the first section of hair through the sponge. Quick work is required because the mixture acts immediately.
  4. Continue like this with the other three games.
  5. Rub the shampoo again with your hands until you can be sure that all of your hair is covered.
  6. Wait 10 to a maximum of 20 minutes and then rinse the hair well.
  7. Give them a rich regimen to keep them properly hydrated.

Caution: If you have a small line, you should only apply the shampoo last. Because your natural hair can soak up shampoo better than colored locks and is therefore likely to be lighter than the rest. If you don’t want to lighten all your hair (for example, with the ombré look), you can generously apply the darker areas beforehand. protect the applied hair treatment.

Video: Comparison before and after bleaching clothes.

I think whitening underwear definitely sounds like a great alternative to the chemical club and I might even try it myself soon. Do you already have experience in gently lightening your hair and would like to leave some advice in the comments?

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