Día Internacional de la Mujer 2018: debes seguir a estos 3 influencers

International Women’s Day 2018: you must follow these 3 influencers

International Women's Day 2018: you must follow these 3 influencers

Today, International Women’s Day, should be about showing mutual appreciation and respect for what you have mastered in your life. It is important to support and show each other “I think what you do is great.” And that’s what we want to do now by featuring three Instagram influencers whose work we think is great and that you should definitely follow.

Body positivity on International Women’s Day with Pink_Bits

“Illustrating all the parts and shapes that we are told to hide”that is, illustrations that show all the things and shapes that we must hide: the Australian illustrator from Sydney is breaking many taboos, such as the fact that body hair is not pretty on women or that sports and chubby women are not going hand in hand. She also tackles the topic of menstruation and masturbation with her photos, which you can buy as postcards at her store. Then enter all the things that are not tolerated by society and thus also shows: You are beautiful like us, love yourself and, above all, accept the things that belong to you, feel in yours. Take care of yourself and don’t be ashamed of anything. So exactly the right message for International Women’s Day!