Entrevista a Alex Pettyfer

Interview with Alex Pettyfer

Interview with Alex Pettyfer

Hollywood hottie Alex Pettyfer we will see a lot in the near future: starting on March 21st. “I’m Number Four” is screened in theaters. What is the movie about? You can see the trailer here! And starting April 7, let’s see him on “Beastly” with Vanessa Hudgens! Time to bother you with some questions …

“> Mädchen.de: Did you do the stunts in the movie” I’m number four “yourself?Alex Pettyfer: Yes! (laughs)

Mädchen.de: You like me?Alex Pettyfer: Yes! It was really extraordinary because we had been training on it 3 months before to make the stunts look as real as possible.

Mädchen.de: Did crazy or embarrassing things happen on set?Alex Pettyfer: Well when you’re in a Michael Bay production there are some crazy explosions.

“> Mädchen.de: Your movie character has very special abilities. What kind of supernatural power would you like?Alex Pettyfer: Telekinesis – the power to move things without touching them.

Mädchen.de: Do you have role models when it comes to acting?Alex Pettyfer: Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

Mädchen.de: What actor or actress would you like to work with one day?Alex Pettyfer: (thinking) Sean Penn.

“> Mädchen.de: What is the most fascinating thing about your job?Alex Pettyfer: Putting on other people’s clothes and pretending to be someone else. It’s fascinating and a little strange, but that’s acting.

Mädchen.de: What is the best thing that has happened to you in your life so far?Alex Pettyfer: The best …(thinking)… Oh God, I’m too young to say so far.

Mädchen.de: In the movie, John Smith just wants to be normal. Do you enjoy your life as a star or do you sometimes wish to be “normal”?Alex Pettyfer: I want to be normal all the time, I wish I could do my job and make my movies without all the frills.

“Class =” rteInlinetag “> Mädchen.de: If one day you could swap bodies with someone else. Who would it be and why?Alex Pettyfer: Natalie Portman. And the Why let’s leave it out (smiles mischievously).

Mädchen.de: How are you when you watch your own movie? Are you proud or do you view it with skepticism?Alex Pettyfer: I looked at it once and I won’t see it again. I am very proud of the work of DJ Caruso.

Mädchen.de: Is it strange to see you on the screen?Alex Pettyfer: Very strange!