Entrevista con Demi

Interview with Demi

Interview with Demi

Interview with Demi Lovato:

Which song on the album means the most to you and why?

From my: The song that probably means the most to me is “Nightingale.” And also another song called “Warrior”. “Warrior” is about a personal experience I have had. I’ve been through something difficult and I’ve been through it. Today I am stronger and I feel like a warrior.

On her new album there is also a song with Cher LIoyd. Is there any other musician you would like to record a song with?

From my: I would love to record a song with Kelly Clarkson, Eminem and Cher!

You recently dyed your hair blonde. Is there a specific reason for this?

From my: No!

New album, new hair color?

From my: No, because if I had done that, I would have also had to do the photo shoot for the album cover with blonde hair. I don’t know, I’ve decided to go blonde, probably for the summer. My next single will be very nice and I wanted a less rocky image. It’s a warmer song so I wanted to lighten my hair. Blondes have more fun.

Do you have a beauty tip for your fans?

From my: My beauty advice would definitely be to remove makeup at night, then wash your face, and then preferably use a toner. It is very important to keep the skin hydrated. Therefore, you must find good products that really suit your skin type. This is especially important when you are in puberty and your skin is crazy. You need good products. And the more you smile, the more you attract other people. A smile is the best thing you can do for beauty.

What is your essential fashion for this summer?

From my: I have these new Lanvin sneakers that I am a little obsessed with.

You are a singer, actress and member of the X-Factor jury. What part of your life do you like the most?

From my: The best part of my life is my private life. You can have all the options in the world, but if you don’t have your loved ones around you, all of this doesn’t make sense. So for me it’s my family, friends and my amazing team who are always with me and are like family to me.

Can you give any advice to teenagers who look up to you and would like to do the same as you?

From my: It means a lot to me when teenagers look up to me. I take being a role model for young women very seriously because I have not had anyone in public who was a good example for me. My advice to everyone is to love, be happy, be thankful, and be humble. The more grateful you are for the things in your life, the happier you will be.

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