Entrevista a Jannis

Interview with Jannis

Interview with Jannis:

Are there any traits you have taken from your role as “Gideon”?

Jannis: Not really. But I learned fencing for the role and also some stunts that I couldn’t do before. When shooting, I especially enjoy fighting scenes! I took it from the paper.

What was the most exciting feat for you?

Jannis: After all, I don’t have that many emerald green stunts. I’m lying in the hay in the dungeon. It was really hot on those filming days and we were in the basement all day, freezing cold. That was not so nice. There is a fight scene where I put the guard out of action. The scene was very funny.

Were the stunts exhausting without a stuntman?

Jannis: I have a riding stunt for horseback riding scenes. Otherwise I do the stunts myself. There are always enough people you can ask about stunts and you are actually very well protected.

For your colleague Maria: Do you have a funny quality or a quirk?

Jannis: Not a tick. But Maria wears contact lenses so she has blue eyes. We were playing a scene and the glasses weren’t that good. In any case, a contact lens moved up in the middle of the scene in the eye and the eye suddenly went from blue to brown. I had to compose myself not to laugh.

You are not so represented on social media channels. Why not?

Jannis: Basically, I don’t travel much. When it comes to fans, of course it’s nice to be on Facebook or Instagram. For me, the best thing is when I’m on a movie tour or premiere and I can look fans right in the face. I always miss that on social media. But soon I will make a Facebook page. I promise.

Do you already have a new film project planned?

Jannis: There are still movies coming out soon. Among them for example “Jonathan”. I also just shot “Youth without God.” An exciting movie.

Is there something you will miss a lot after spending time with Marie?

Jannis: I will miss some things, but mainly I will be dealing with a very familiar person. Maria is an amazing friend to me. Working with great friends is a gift.

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