Entrevista a Maria Ehrich

Interview with Maria Ehrich

Interview with Maria Ehrich

Interview with Maria Ehrich:

What did you like the most about the role of “Gwendolin”?

Maria: It is difficult to answer. I really like it and in each part there were different things on paper. Especially in the third part, I found it great that the clumsy duckling has finally become a brave fighter and that he shows what he can do.

Were the stunts exhausting for you?

Maria: At first it was extremely exhausting. So I thought I had to duplicate myself. But of course it gets better the more you do it. At some point, it suddenly works.

Is there a favorite trick that you liked the most?

Maria: I thought it was cool to shoot with that old gun. In the movie, of course, it is much more spectacular than on the set.

Does your colleague Jannis have any funny qualities or quirks?

Maria: Jannis is full of ticks! He doesn’t eat tomatoes, he falls asleep on set. It has a funny way to it. I think 80% of what he says is a bit played, but fun!

What will you miss the most after all this time?

Maria: The shooting, the atmosphere on set, how the crew was treated, how the scenes unfold.

Are there any highlights that are especially remembered?

Maria: It is difficult because there are so many things. There is something from every movie that I carry with me!

Are you already planning new film projects?

Maria: Yes, I filmed in Prague until April. A Christmas movie called “The Glass Blower.”

How do you travel in the world of social media?

Maria: I like Instagram, I also like to use Facebook.

What is your favorite movie of all time?

Maria: I can not say that. There are so many.

Have an idea of ​​an absolute dream role for yourself?

Maria: I think that, as an actor, you always want to play as different roles as possible. I have just played many more serious roles. I can imagine very soon playing something fun and relaxed, in a comedy. But for me there is no special dream role. For me, the perfect is made up of everything that exists.

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