Entrevista a Martina

Interview with Martina

Interview with Martina

And that’s what the series “Violetta” is about: The young Argentine Violetta Castillo returns to her homeland with her single father Germán from Spain. There she discovered her musical and acting talents and joined the Studio 21 music school. There she finds friends, her first love and classmates who are not well disposed towards her. And then he comes across a long-kept family secret …

Martina Stoessel in an interview

What do you have in common with Violetta and where do you see the differences between you?

Martina: The love of music is probably a great thing in common. Like Violetta, I love being on stage, singing and dancing. We both like to spend time with friends and we are very sensitive. However, I don’t really identify with Violetta’s style. Her look is unique and not everyone can show off her style. Humanly, the two of us are also different in many ways. In many situations, he reacted and acted differently from Violetta.

Who is your favorite character

Martina: My favorite character is Ludmila. The funniest thing for an actress is to play a character who is the complete opposite of you. Mechi (Mercedes) is my best friend and unlike the show, she’s super nice and friendly. No one is as far from Ludmila as she is. They also have very different styles: Mercedes is super trendy and Ludmila is totally glamorous. That’s why I think the role of Ludmila is so funny. It’s so outrageous and “over the top”. I would love to play a role like that one day.

When did you know that music and dance are your passions?

Martina: I’ve been singing and dancing for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I used to stand in front of the mirror and pretend I was an actress. I also sang karaoke, stole my mother’s clothes and shoes, wore her makeup, and dressed in it. At some point my mother noticed and quickly sent me to ballet and jazz classes. I was also part of a theater group for four years and took singing lessons. So one thing after another came until one day the opportunity to do a casting came up and I was selected. It was totally unreal and unexpected.

What kind of music do you like to listen to and who is your favorite musician?

Martina: There are many different genres of music that I enjoy listening to. One singer I really admire is Beyoncé. She is great at everything she does. His shows, the visual effects, the songs, his dancers and his band. I think everything about her is fantastic. I also like listening to Joss Stone, I like his blues. It has something that you recognize immediately. You listen to it and you say, “This is her.” Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson are also artists that I really like.

If you had to choose between singing and acting, what would you choose?

Martina: I would choose the music.

What is your absolute favorite fashion item?

Martina: My pearl earrings. When I’m not wearing them, I feel like a part of me is missing.

We know that you really like shoes. You know how many you have

Martina: No, I can’t count them anymore. I have absolutely lost track of everything. Even as a child, I loved shopping with my mother. Even then, my focus was on shoes.

How do you stay motivated?

Martina: My fans, my family, my boyfriend and my friends love and support me, this keeps me motivated. Being in public all the time is exhausting. Not necessarily physically but emotionally. The hardest part is having to be present all the time. You have to reveal a lot about yourself in public. That is exhausting and must be overcome. But when you go on stage and thousands of fans call out your name and sing your songs, everything is forgotten and I am happy.

The new episodes of “Violetta” will air on September 29, 2014 at 7:25 pm on Disney Channel.

You can find more information about the series here: Violetta: The New Series on Disney Channel