Entrevista a Pierre Boulanger

Interview with Pierre Boulanger

Interview with Pierre Boulanger

Interview with Pierre Boulanger:

What was it like working with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester?

Pierre: Wonderful! We didn’t know each other before, but we were able to work well together quickly. Selena Gomez is very professional for her age. He’s only 17 if I’m not mistaken and I was impressed by his professionalism. But that’s typically American. In France we say that Americans are always perfectionists in their jobs. I realized that with both girls.

Did something funny happen while filming?

Pierre: Sure, every day. After all, it is a comedy. I’m glad my first big movie wasn’t a horror movie. I think that is quite difficult for an actor. Everything was easy and fun.

In the movie you had to play polo, could you do that before or did you have to train hard for it?

Pierre: I have never sat on a horse before. In Budapest, Selena Gomez and I received lessons from the player of the national polo team.

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