Entrevista a Sara Nuru

Interview with Sara Nuru

Interview with Sara Nuru

Girl: How did you get your first acting role?

Sara Nuru: I joined last year “I bet that” I met Otto. He had the project “Otto’s eleven” already in the head. For the role of Corinna they were looking for an exotic boy and months later they asked my agency if I wanted to go to the casting. I’m completely normal for casting and have auditioned for my text. It’s amazing that I got the part! My part was initially intended as a guest role and was later rewritten in such a way that I had more appearances than I expected.

You can see the trailer on Mädchen.tv: Otto’s Eleven (Release date: December 2, 2010)

Girl: What was the biggest challenge for you?

Sara Nuru: As Corinna I have to react to the actions of the main actors without saying anything. Much of it was about facial expressions and gestures. During my first speaking scene with 200 extras in the background, I was really nervous!

Girl: Can you imagine acting as a second pillar of your career?

Sara Nuru: Well now I have to see how the premiere is going and how I feel on the screen. In any case, I had a lot of fun and if something happens again, why not? But I still don’t want to commit, I’m still very unsure of that.

Girl: Are you watching the new season of “Next Topmodel from Germany” And what do you pay special attention to?

Sara Nuru: I’m sure I’ll look, let’s see who’s coming. You pay special attention to the questions girls ask because you know exactly what the editor asked. Or how often someone is shown.

Girl: Do you have a particular favorite model?

Sara Nuru: I think Liya Kebede is really cool, she comes from Ethiopia and was the first dark skinned model to model for Estee Lauder. And she can also be seen in “Desert Flower” as Waris Dirie.

Girl: how do you spend Christmas

Sara Nuru: I celebrate with my parents. Quite idyllic. We don’t actually celebrate Christmas because we are Muslim, but for the sake of children, we celebrate it with a duck or fondue and a Christmas tree. It was important to my parents that we celebrate like everyone else, even if Christmas is not our holiday.

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