iPad cancelado: Apple es tacaño y no tiene corazón

iPad canceled: Apple is stingy and heartless

iPad canceled: Apple is stingy and heartless

If you buy an iPad as a student, you will receive Apple AirPods free of charge until next week. Actually, because Apple quietly erased a passage and left customers in the rain. Quite ruthless and therefore reason enough to be the subject of today’s issue of my weekend column.

Apple regularly gives students, their parents and university employees a small gift before the start of the semester. There will be a gift again in 2020. As long as you purchase a qualifying Mac or qualifying iPad. Then Apple donated the AirPods 2 without further ado, if you want the Pro version or the one with a wireless charging case, you just pay the difference, we reported. Nice gesture that is currently extremely poisoned.

iPad Air without the addition of AirPods: Apple removes the tablet from the list

Since the start of the campaign in July, the campaign has also applied to the purchase of an iPad Air. Actually, because as if by magic, the reference to the iPad Air on Apple’s website has now disappeared without comment. So if you buy the current iPad Air 4 (only it’s still available on the Edu Store), you won’t get any more AirPods for free. The assumption: Apple planned from the beginning only to subsidize the sale of the previous generation. Stupid for the students who were toying with buying the new model these days, waiting and now are so shockingly mad at Apple. Honestly, Apple, does something like that have to be? Why so mean and greedy?

There are no gifts for students who purchase a new iPad Air 4; it’s a great product:

The growth of the information technology industry certainly would not have broken the crown if the new model had been left in action. I mean, the good piece has only been ordered from last week and Apple’s back to school promotion only runs until October 29. But no, at Apple every penny counts. True to the motto: “New products rip idiots out of our hands anyway, we don’t have to fund cross-financing.”

My thoughts on the weekend: The column aims to provide food for thought and reflect the week’s “news rush” towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

My take: Hi Apple, it’s really embarrassing!

An understandable point of view for a business economist, but deeply embarrassing for the most valuable company in the world. Personally, I’m not surprised by this attitude on Apple’s part, because I also know it from retailers. The following applies to new products: be glad you got something and stay calm. Apple will only become a hand tamer when previously new products have reached the middle or end of their life cycle. So Apple has a legitimate interest in the sales and suggests appropriate actions on its own initiative. Apple does not act differently in the current case: fresh buns are torn from the baker’s hands, old bread, on the other hand, must be recalled at a discount.

Will something like that come from Apple next year? It would be interesting:

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But didn’t Apple always want to be different? One would have had the opportunity here. It is a shame that stinginess triumphs again in the end. Does education have to bear fruit again? Perhaps, but this phrase still applies primarily to Apple itself. Have a nice Sunday and have fun at college tomorrow.

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