iPhone 12: Preocupación por este modelo: ¿Apple tiene que reprogramarlo?

iPhone 12: Concern about this model: does Apple have to reprogram it?

iPhone 12: Concern about this model: does Apple have to reprogram it?

A general delay in this year’s iPhone portfolio has already been confirmed, but we will probably have to wait even longer for a very specific model if the latest reports on Apple’s mobile phone come through. GIGA explains the current news situation.

A staggered launch of the iPhone 12 has already been assumed. Bloomberg experts expect the two cheapest models in the new portfolio with 5.4 and 6.1-inch displays first in October, the Pro models (6.1 and 6 , 7 inches) will follow later in November. .

iPhone 12: The cheapest model only after?

But now industry insiders at DigiTimes are turning this plan upside down. According to a current report, Apple has to reprogram a bit and plans to make the two 6.1-inch models, the iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro available first. Later will come the iPhone 12 with the 5.4-inch screen and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The latter was expected later anyway, but the delay in the smaller model is cause for concern.

Along with iPhone 12, users are also waiting for iOS 14 to be released:

After all, it is the possible best-seller of the new iPhone series. Two points speak it: the price. From what we know so far, having an iPhone 12 will be the cheapest option. If Apple expert Jon Prosser is right, it might even be a bit cheaper than the current iPhone 11, but at least it won’t be more expensive. Second point: size. Not only the author of these lines eagerly awaits a new compact iPhone with the current state of things. If you used to love an original iPhone SE for its size, you will find a true successor in the new 5.4-inch model.

The positive of the current development: the “normal” iPhone 12 Pro would be available sooner under the new plan, a small consolation.

Concept artists were right, it’s getting more angular:

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iPhone 12 with a retro look: this is how striking Apple’s mobile phone could look

Apple with event in October

Whose prediction will come true in the end, we probably won’t know until Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 12. Most likely, this will no longer happen in September, but only in the course of October at an Apple event. Until then we have to be patient. Until then, though, we could possibly hang out with new Apple Watch models and new iPads, if the rumors aren’t wrong.