Al iPhone 12 le falta algo: pista sospechosa de la tacañería de Apple

IPhone 12 is missing something: suspicious clue to Apple’s stinginess

IPhone 12 is missing something: suspicious clue to Apple's stinginess

Image source: GIGA

Apple wants to save. And that with the scope of delivery of the next iPhone 12. Now there is a new suspicious note. The fears are more and more true.

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In recent days and weeks there have been reliable reports about the reduced scope of supply of the next iPhone 12. As a result, Apple would like to do without the included wired headphones, the EarPods, as well as the USB power supply. According to Apple, those who need both should dig into their wallets and buy more. The best, of course, are the not exactly cheap AirPods and a new USB-C power supply with a fast-charging feature. Why with USB-C and not the old USB-A socket? Very simple: the iPhone 12 now ships with a Lightning to USB-C cable, older cables have had their day. If they are available, of course, they can still be used, even Apple is probably that fair.

iPhone 12 without headphones or charger: Apple’s packaging detail is informative

Now there is another suspicious clue to these fears. The creator (Ran Avni) of the popular YouTube channel “ConceptsiPhone” shares a rendered image of an insert for the next iPhone 12 packaging. It remains to be seen how reliable the source is. Still, the image would match the rumors. Obviously, the insert only offers space for the Lightning cable mentioned above and the well-known “package insert”.

Image: Ran Avni

This would also correlate with another rumor from well-known insider “L0vetodream” who recently promised us a much slimmer and “exclusive” packaging box for the iPhone 12 due to the reduced scope of delivery. Sounds understandable, especially the charger is a bit bulky and therefore determined the minimum height for the packaging.

One thing is absolutely certain: iPhone 12 comes with iOS 14:

Why is Apple doing this?

Apple’s justification for the new frugality should be in protecting the environment. Around the world, iPhone power packs and EarPods are probably kept in the shade in the box and never used in the end. Resources for production can be saved and especially for the environment. For customers who are nevertheless dependent on it, a corresponding discount could be offered, that was the idea in the column for the last weekend of GIGA.