iPhone, iPads, Apple TV y nuevos AirPods: esto es lo que te espera en el evento de marzo de Apple

iPhone, iPads, Apple TV and new AirPods: here’s what to expect at Apple’s March event

iPhone, iPads, Apple TV and new AirPods: here's what to expect at Apple's March event

The American blog 9to5mac received screenshots of Target employees. These show previously unpublished Apple product entries. The entry “Apple Watch Series X Band” indicates Apple Watch bands in new colors. But the list also includes much more interesting products that Apple could present at a supposed March event. The following entries can be found in the database:

  • AirPods (generation X)
  • Apple TV Gen X
  • 10.5-inch iPad X
  • iPod Touch X generation

Over-ear AirPods for the March event?

According to rumors, Apple plans to introduce new on-ear headphones later this year. But it shouldn’t be about new rhythms. Even if the name “AirPods X” is to be understood as a placeholder, the earbuds could be introduced under a still unknown name in late March. There are three entries in the database for different colors. At $ 399, the headphones are $ 50 more expensive than Apple’s subsidiary brand Beats Studio 3 headphones. In Germany, the price is likely to be the same, only in euros.

Finally a new Apple TV

The current Apple TV 4K was introduced two and a half years ago and has been sold unchanged since. In the current beta version of iOS (version 13.4 Beta 2) a previously unknown model number for an Apple TV was discovered. The lens leak confirms again that we can expect a new Apple TV soon. A model with much more power goes well with Apple’s new game service “Arcade” and could allow more graphically complex games. We expect a smaller hardware update with the latest A12 or A13 processor and a new remote control.

New iPad Pros in March Event

Based on inputs from Target, we can also expect a new generation iPad Pro to launch soon. The new iPad Pro will be equipped with a significantly improved camera and for the first time will have multiple camera sensors. The only surprising thing is the stated size of 10.5 inches. The current iPad Pro has a screen size of 11 inches.

iPod as a placeholder for iPhone SE2

The $ 399 iPod touch listed is almost certainly the new iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9. This is also confirmed by a tweet from tech analyst Jon Prosser.

Almost all the details about the new iPhone are already known. Here we have summarized what we know so far about the iPhone SE2:

Until now it was not clear in what colors and memory sizes the iPhone SE2 should be released. Target lists a total of six variants here. Therefore, the new iPhone could appear in three colors and two memory sizes.