Apple iPhone 8

IPhone repairs – original spare parts are now also available in small workshops

Apple iPhone 8

The program states that independent repair shops can purchase the same original parts and tools as Apple certified and official partner repair shops. In addition, the same repair instructions and diagnostic options should be available. The size of the workshop does not matter.

To qualify for the new program, shops only need an Apple Certified Technician. To obtain this certification, employees can participate in Apple training Get involved and learn how to use tools and spare parts correctly. A required test can be easily completed over the Internet. So if you want to become an Apple screwdriver and thus qualify your workshop for Genuine Parts for iPhone and Co., you get the authorization for free and, according to Apple, easily.

The new program begins in the US and will expand to other countries. Last year, Apple conducted a pilot project with 20 independent repair shops in various countries. This development is relatively unexpected. A few days ago, repair service provider iFixit discovered that Apple had embedded a check in iOS to detect non-original batteries and display a warning. However, it is conceivable that Apple will impose more restrictions in the future. The new parts policy can be both a curse and a blessing for shop operators.

What does the new program mean to you?

In the future, you can change a weak battery or a cracked screen at the corner repair shop and still get genuine Apple components installed by a certified technician.

This saves you time as there is no longer a long drive to the nearest Apple Store or a partner workshop. It also allows for faster repairs. In Apple stores, in particular, there are often few free appointments and consequently long wait times. On the other hand, it gives you more security because you get genuine Apple parts that have been installed by a trained technician. Especially with critical components like a battery, there were often problems with non-original parts.