Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

Is Lena too thin?

Nice, fit, unshaven

+ “Fat would be good for you” or “Hunger hook” +

After Lena Gercke uploaded a bikini photo to Instagram, critics of the figure did not have to wait long “:Very very bony “,” hunger pangs “or” fat would do you very well “, was the unanimous opinion. But also concerned comments like “You are really beautiful and that shouldn’t be hateful … But I’m concerned about your health … isn’t it too thin?” they were there.

What do you mean: Lena is really too skinny?

+ News from 04/01/2016 +

“Where is your ass?” – Actually, top model Lena Gercke (27) just wanted to send her fans a cute Christmas greeting when she shared a photo of herself in front of a wonderful beach background on her Facebook page shortly before New Year’s Eve. But what followed: criticism, insults and ridicule about the “haggard background.” This is certainly not how the successful blonde envisioned it.

Lena Gercke is apparently having a great time again. Beach, sea and blue sky, the absolute vacation paradise. And of course the beauty wants to share that with her fans. With the words “I feel blessed and look forward to 2016” proudly presents them to the community Rear view of your dream figure in sexy bikini, actually a reason to be jealous. But with this Reaction from her fans, the model could not wait.