¿Es Nicole Scherzinger la nueva en "The Voice"?

Is Nicole Scherzinger the new one on “The Voice”?

Is Nicole Scherzinger the new to "The Voice"?

Hot change?

wantedon 07/01/2015 | 17:31

What to come and go! Rita Ora had just been part of the jury of “The Voice”, now she will be replaced by the superwoman Nicole Scherzinger. But what is really true about the rumors and who could be responsible for the possible change in the jury?

Who would be better prepared to judge the singing talents of young musicians than Nicole Scherzinger? She has celebrated success around the world with the Pussycat Dolls and this is not only due to her strong voice, but also her charisma and incredible sex appeal. Nicole Scherzinger knows better than anyone how the music business works, so that no one is in such good hands in the jury chair at a casting show as she is.

Nicole Scherzinger could become the new member of the jury of “The Voice”

The casting formats are still controversial, but they are particularly popular in the United States and Great Britain. Nicole Scherzinger also doesn’t seem to find fault in the public search for a new music star, so she’s already settled on “The X Factor” whether the newcomers win or lose. And now I can’t get enough of his work as a juror. As speculated now on “DailyMail”, Nicole Scherzinger will switch to “The Voice” and will replace fellow musician Rita Ora. This, in turn, is said to have targeted the jury seat of Lewis Hamilton’s ex-girlfriend and holds the position on “The X Factor.” A rather confusing exchange of blows in which rapper Will.i.am. he couldn’t be entirely innocent. Nicole Scherzinger has a defender

Nicole Scherzinger and Will.i.am were already a well-rehearsed team in the Pussycat Dolls days and that hasn’t changed to this day. So it’s obvious that the head judge of “La Voz” is doing everything he can to get his girlfriend back with him. “Will.i.am, who is our best known coach, is close friends with Nicole and has influenced her a lot so that she can participate in the format,” says the “Daily Mail”. and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is said to have praised Nicole Scherzinger. There’s nothing in the way of the hottest jury change of the year, right? In any case, the negotiations should already be underway.

Rita Ora and Nicole Scherzinger are both talented and popular with fans, so their potential swap will certainly meet with approval. A little change of scenery certainly wouldn’t hurt Nicole Scherzinger, because after two years on “The X Factor,” a job on “The Voice” would be a fantastic change!

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