Ist das der Geheimplan von Huawei? Beliebter Smartphone-Reihe droht das Android-Aus

Is that Huawei’s secret plan? Popular smartphone series threatens a bad surprise

Ist das der Geheimplan von Huawei?  Beliebter Smartphone-Reihe droht das Android-Aus

Little by little, Huawei is being forgotten in this country. The United States’ ban and Google’s non-existent services for new smartphone models are to blame. On the one hand. On the other hand, it is manufacturers like Xiaomi who are now doing quite well in the steps that Huawei has taken. Devices like the Redmi Note 8 Pro or the Xiaomi Mi 10, which recently took pole position in our top 20 list, are winning the hearts of German smartphone users.

Huawei, however, is fighting for customers’ favor with a new version of the P30 Pro. But buyers of this model and other popular mobile phones from the manufacturer could experience a nasty surprise next year. Android is under threat. This now also reveals a secret plan outlining the individual phases.

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P30 Pro and Co .: Will Android disappear from smartphones in 2021?

Under this plan, which grew out of the Chinese clone of Twitter Weibo, the processor built into smartphones determines the upgrade to HarmonyOS. First, Huawei should supply all models with Kirin 9,000. This chip is probably used in the Mate 40 Pro. In the second phase, Android will be replaced by HarmonyOS in the P40 series.

The third phase follows, in which the Mate 30 Pro and various other smartphones with the Kirin 990, 985 and 820 processors are said to be affected. The fourth phase follows the source for the models with the Kirin 820, 980 and 990 chips. These include the Huawei P30 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro. Finally, among many other models, the still very popular Huawei P30 lite will receive an update from HarmonyOS. .

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Huawei wants the transition to be smooth

A Huawei spokeswoman recently told us: “Our next smartphones that we will bring to market will be Android-based HMS smartphones.” Details about the launch of the HarmonyOS smartphones, such as the product roadmap or technical details, but they did not want to disclose.

In addition, Huawei informed us: “In any case, we will transition smoothly, both from the point of view of consumers and from the point of view of application developers.” This particular sentence indicates that Huawei will also use devices like the P30 and P30 Pro. Switch to HarmonyOS and thus deprive them of Google services. The secret plan now published confirms this plan.

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