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Is there a video of Dagi and Bibi coming?

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+ + Bibi reveals: That’s why she no longer shoots with Dagi! + +

“We’re not making any videos right now, that’s simply because we’ve known each other for a long, long time and grew up together on YouTube. At some point, everyone went their own way and we only see each other very, very rarely. . But maybe that will change again soon! ” Bibi says that in an interview in Vienna. The fans would certainly be happy!

+ + 14.10 .: Dagi is upset: her challenge to Bibi! + +

“Why do you ask all the time what’s wrong with Bibi? Everything is fine. Why don’t you ask him? She will tell you exactly the same ”. – About him Fan question After the relationship with Bibi, Dagi reacts quite angry. We can understand it because, after all, the question is asked very often. But if everything is fine, why don’t you make a video together? Then they would prove that everything was really fine and the fans would certainly stop asking.

At End of stream she goes back in and says annoyed: “I have answered it before and will not say anything more about it. Just get it! I said my part, another person did not … “ Dagi is visibly upset, probably also because Bibi hasn’t said anything about it so far. Is that a challenge? It’s no wonder fans keep asking her though – she named one of her Q&A videos herself like this: “What’s wrong with Bibi & Dagi?” And again, his response was unsatisfactory for many. So fans certainly won’t stop asking questions any time soon.

+ + 04.10 .: Dagi on Bibi: Bibi is a liar? + +

Below “Twitter chat” you can read below what tweet it was about. Bottom line: Dagi had supposedly left her camera in the hotel room and they called Bibi to ask if she could take it with her. In a new Dagi video, she answers questions and is asked, among other things, these: “What about you and Bibi now?”

Your answer: “I have no idea, but in any case, she recently wrote me a tweet where she wrote that the reception had called her and said that I had forgotten my camera. Even though I had my camera with me and we didn’t have the same Hotel. It seemed a bit confusing to me, but… Correct. Is Dagi even accusing Bibi of being a liar?

Some fans are disappointed that Dagi even made his video. “What’s wrong with Bibi & Dagi?” he called, though she doesn’t give a real answer. A user writes below the video: “If you’ve already chosen such a title, you could also provide more information about it. Many of his fans have surely expected something different in this video. It’s just about the clicks being correct. Sad”. And other fans are also upset by the video. What you think?