¿Hay una reunión de "Will & Grace" próximamente?

Is there a “Will & Grace” reunion coming up?

Is there a meeting of "Will & Grace" soon?

Great news

Perhaps the “Gilmore Girls” are not the only favorites of the series to celebrate their return after years. As a veritable flurry of images on Twitter suggests, the sitcom “Will & Grace” could see a revival.

Almost exactly ten years ago, the last episode of the hit comedy “Will & Grace” appeared on American television. To celebrate the occasion, the cast of the series came together for a sweet reunion that was diligently shared on social media. Additionally, series stars Debra Messing (Grace), Eric McCormack (Will), Sean Hayes (Jack) and Megan Mullally (Karen) announced “big news.”

It seems that the protagonists of the series are around a homosexual lawyer who shares a flat with his best friend on the set known since then. Debra Messing writes of a screenshot from the show “I have a feeling something BIG is going to happen tomorrow.” Are you hinting at a “Will & Grace” comeback?

Public meeting on Twitter

Fans of “Will & Grace” can look forward to several snapshots of the sweet meeting of former colleagues. But Debra Messing and company have yet to fully reveal if it’s just an anniversary joke or if the comedy will be making a comeback soon with new episodes. The images definitely speak for it!

“I used to be able to do this without glasses …”

“Beverly Leslie goes so far for me.”

“I still know this place.”

“You always smell like before!”

A reunion with “Will & Grace”? We think it’s cool! But even if there are no new episodes, the reunion has encouraged us to bring out the old episodes again. DVDs are available on Amazon, for example.

Image Source: Will & Grace Season 4

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