Xiaomi Mi Note 11 posiblemente con cámara de 150 MP

Is Xiaomi already the big winner of the year?

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 possibly with 150 MP camera

The New Year is still young, but the signs are good for Xiaomi. It can already be said today that Xiaomi will probably be one of the winners.

Almost under the radar, Huawei once managed to conquer the smartphone markets. Suddenly, the Chinese were at the top of the podium and, slowly but surely, they are taking first place even for Samsung. Things are progressing in a very similar way with Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer dared to take the big step in international markets, especially last year. To Germany. First, carefully and tentatively, almost only online. However, little by little Xiaomi is also reaching the masses.

Xiaomi has stalked its way

Today? In Europe, Xiaomi did it a long time ago, in a short time it has left many competitors behind. Xiaomi has become an integral part of the top 5, and there are much bigger names than the competition. But this time an aggressive strategy with low prices also worked. Recently, however, Xiaomi unveiled a new strategy where customers outside of China should be delighted with higher-end hardware at higher prices. You attack the competition on their turf.

I’m not talking about economic regions, I’m talking about great smartphone cameras, for example. Samsung was once invaded by Huawei, now Huawei threatens this fate compared to Xiaomi. At least that should be the plan. Whether it will be successful is another matter. In any case, there couldn’t be a better time for Xiaomi to get close to Huawei in terms of sales and market share.

Huawei with blunt weapons

The European market that we are passionate about depends on Google. Play Store, YouTube, Google Search, Chrome browser. People may not be directly aware of this, but they are in Google’s hands and it would be difficult for them to do without these services. This question would arise at the latest when buying a new smartphone, if the focus was on a Huawei smartphone. Huawei is currently unable to deliver Google apps on entirely new devices, severely limiting the successful manufacturer.

Huawei only brought its new flagship Mate 30 Pro smartphone to the European market to a very limited extent and only long after its introduction. It is not a normal model, it is not a lite version. There have been no real innovations in lower price ranges recently, the Honor 9X has nothing to do with the original Chinese model and the Huawei P30 Lite New Edition is a rehash from a year ago. Xiaomi, on the other hand, can take advantage of unlimited resources.

Samsung is slowly waking up

Recently, Huawei was able to maintain its own numbers, but growth outside the home is currently much more difficult for the group. Xiaomi is not completely through the roof yet, the leisurely ascent is very constant. In the new year, Xiaomi could not only offer better devices, but also gain more market shares much faster.

I also don’t want to forget about Samsung at this point. The last slightly sleepy giant sharpened his weapons. It’s not just the new Galaxy S20 series smartphones that will put Samsung back in the fast lane.

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