¿No hay rubor que se adapte a todas las mujeres?  ¡Oh, pero!

Isn’t there a blush that suits all women? Oh but!

Blush darling

When it comes to makeup, finding shades that perfectly match your own skin, hair, and eye color isn’t that easy. What suits your favorite beauty blogger may seem completely inappropriate for you. However, there are some exceptional products that are miraculously suited to all women. We’ll show you which blush has rightly been the top seller in the US for many years. We have also found a really cheap alternative!

The name of this product alone has made it known: “Orgasm” by Nars * is the most popular powder blush par excellence. The delicate pink blush with a golden glow gives the face a fresh glow immediately, just like after an orgasm.

Since its introduction in 1999, a veritable hype about “orgasm” has been created: stars like Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence trust it, as do numerous beauty bloggers.

The proof: this blush suits everyone!

But what makes this blush so special? Jake Broullard, lead makeup stylist at Nars, explains in an interview with Byrdie magazine: “Orgasm is a blush that is different from the others because of that. Warm and cool tones combined – the mix of peach, pink and gold is perfectly balanced.

Thanks to this mix of warm and cool tones, “Orgasm” looks good on both very light and dark skin, and thanks to the glitter particles it also serves as a subtle highlighter.

The peach and pink hues also go well with all hair and eye colors and look natural despite the sparkling particles.

Depending on how thick the blush is applied, Nars ‘Orgasm’ can be used to create a natural look for the day or glamorous for the evening.

Thanks to the high pigmentation of the blush, an application with a brush is enough to look fresher. The quality of this exaggerated makeup product is also evident in the price: at Douglas, Nars’s “Orgasm”, which was not available in Germany for a long time, costs € 31.50 *.

A few years ago I dared to invest and have not bought any other blush since then (apart from the slightly darker variant “Deep Throat” by Nars *). Spending more than 30 euros on blush may seem like a lot, but even with daily use, the rich product will easily last more than a year.

The cheap alternative to “Orgasm” by Nars

However, if you don’t spend as much money on blush or want to try shine first, you can turn to a significantly cheaper product. Sleek * “Rose Gold” Powder Blush is not only similar to the original in terms of packaging, but also in terms of content. Instead of 31.50 euros, you can get this blush for 4.95 euros on Amazon.

An Amazon customer, however, points out that the cheap product is less economical: “This blush is often marketed as a hoax of Nars’s legendary orgasm, but I just don’t get it. The tone is similar, but it takes many layers to get a good result.

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In my opinion, the investment in “Orgasm” from Nars is definitely worth it due to its long lifespan and natural look. Have you tried this blush already and are you so excited or do you have another favorite blush? Tell me in the comments!