Es esto "El rey León"-¿Rehacer una animación o una película real?  Eso es lo que dice el director al respecto.

It is this "The Lion King"-Remaking an animation or a real movie? That’s what the director says about it.

It is this "The Lion King"-Remaking an animation or a real movie?  That's what the director says about it.

The animals and the savannah of the new “Lion King” seem real. Director Jon Favreau has now made it clear: The remake is fully animated, but he doesn’t want to call it an animated movie.


Anyone looking at the trailer for the remake of “The Lion King” might think that director Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”) and his team filmed in Africa, and if lions, monkeys, etc. They weren’t talking, you might get an idea. Come on, Favreau would have hired some really good animal trainers. But no: the new “Lion King” is, like the 1994 cartoon classic, an animated movie, just in a different style.

Everything was created on the computer and the actors involved were not in front of the camera for motion capture. (as in Netflix “Mowgli”). In a now published interview that took place during production (via Bar film), Jon Favreau still doesn’t want to call the “Lion King” remake an animated movie.

That’s why “The Lion King” shouldn’t be an animated movie.

It is a complicated matter. ‘The Lion King’ is actually neither a live action nor an animated movie. It depends on how you look. There were no real animals, no real cameras, and there wasn’t even motion capture. Everything comes from the hands of artists. But to say that it is an animated film would be misleading in terms of expectations.


“The Lion King” comes one hundred percent from the computer, but shouldn’t it be called an “animated movie”? Favreau continues: “It would change the way you watch the movie. Because hopefully you get a chance to see it without a presentation. Some viewers will know how it was done and some will not, but it will turn heads. Because you are trying to discover what you see. It is an excellent location for spectators.

On the website Cartoon concoction Favreau’s comments were commented on and worth reading. Colleague Amid Amidi suspects that Disney deliberately does not want to label the remake of “The Lion King” as an animated film, not least because this label is associated with “children’s film” and to win the category “Best Animated Film” in upcoming Academy Awards. “Frozen 2” and “Toy Story 4” are nominated) so as not to make too much competition themselves.

The animated film “The Lion King” opens in German cinemas on July 17, 2019.

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