Era una cuestión de vida o muerte: esta "Kingsman: el servicio secreto"-¡No se reprodujo la escena!

It was a matter of life and death: this "Kingsman: The Secret Service"-The scene was not reproduced!

It was a matter of life and death: this "Kingsman: The Secret Service"-The scene was not reproduced!

ProSieben shows Matthew Vaughn’s “Kingsman: The Secret Service” on Whit Monday at 8:15 pm. We take a look at one of the most dangerous scenes in the film, the shooting of which had almost fatal consequences …

20th century fox

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” from director and comic book enthusiast Matthew Vaughn (“X-Men: First Decision,” “Kick-Ass”) is not just a comic book adaptation, but also an insanely fun spy action tribute. -Automatic switch. This is mostly due to the creative, spectacular and sometimes absolutely crazy action scenes, which on the one hand exaggerate in comic style, on the other hand they are as intense as if they were real. And indeed, in one of THE scenes in the movie, it could hardly have been more real to the actors and crew on set: Because a computer malfunction resulted in a shock moment for everyone, in which ultimately only the computer and no person were harmed.

For those of you who do not know “Kingsman: The Secret Service” yet and therefore do not want to know the details of a single scene (even if it happens at the beginning of the movie), here is one Spoiler warning pronounced!

This scene does not play

One of the tests junior officers must perform as part of their training is to keep a cool head in an extreme situation. Specifically, the troop’s dormitory suddenly fills with water at night.. Your task: survive. While the room in the movie gets smaller in no time and the air supply is cut off, the planned approach on set was of course different. Originally, the specially designed room was to be gradually reduced to a swimming pool in order to coordinate the timing of the dialogues. The actors knew: first 120 centimeters, then the text follows and at 180 centimeters there is the following dialogue. But director Vaughn recalls: “The computer had an error. I said ‘action’ and suddenly everything sank seven and a half meters. “

20th century fox

The underwater scene in “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, without any CGI

It was an absolutely terrible experience, and that was on the first day of shooting. “The fear you see on children’s faces is not an act. They were incredibly scared “says Vaughn. Although the computer problem was solved, fear, of course, continued to accompany the filming of the sequence.

No computer effects were used in that scene. Everything is real which of course made implementation even more difficult as the actors had to do the right thing underwater at the exact moment. “We lost all our cameras and sound in the incident,” recalls the director. Whoever was not in the water immediately jumped to take the actors to safety.

“Kingsman 3” and a prequel on the way

In the end, everything worked out: “Kingsman: The Secret Service” became a box office success, which was well received by critics and audiences alike, and ultimately laid the foundation for a full franchise. After “Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle”, which was released in 2017, they are currently working on two other projects: during the prequel “The Great Game” (release date: February 13, 2020) since the formation of the organization Kingsman to Told in the early 1900s, the story of Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Harry (Colin Firth) in “Kingsman 3,” which does not yet have an official start date, must be told to the end.

Court of “Kingsman” in ProSieben

If you want to see the crazy agent show and especially the underwater scene, you have the opportunity to do so today at 8:15 pm at ProSieben. Due to its FSK-16 approval, the film can only be run in the shortened version during prime time. The scissors were used 59 times, thus missing several minutes of the television broadcast. Alternatively, the movie can also be viewed on Netflix, in its entirety.