Todo está en la cabeza: ¡finalmente cabello brillante!

It’s all in the head: finally shiny hair!

It's all in the head: finally shiny hair!

wantedon 06/17/2013 | 09:43

Does your hair look dry, brittle, stressed and unruly? So show your head now, because a healthy scalp is the breeding ground for well-groomed and shiny hair! Find out how your hair can get a new shine and what products help too.

Today, skin and hair are treated with the most complex beauty methods. But one part is often overlooked and only marginally appreciated: the scalp. Many underestimate this sensitive area – the results are itchiness, dryness, and hair loss. A scalp disorder can have many causes: stress, an unbalanced diet, exposure to the sun or heat from the dryer, and hormonal fluctuations. However, a healthy scalp is the basic requirement for shiny hair and is much more effective than those lotions and remedies.

The main thing is healthy!

What is good for the hair is bad for the scalp: brushing. Because every line in the sensitive area causes irritation. Avoid this part and pamper the skin with a pleasant massage or a nourishing oil, for example Moroccan Oil, for about € 40. However, try not to stretch your hair, otherwise you will have the next heavy problem with brittle hair. If you want to do more for your scalp than regular shampooing etc., special concentrates and calming serums are a great alternative. These tinctures can also be used if you do not feel any discomfort on your scalp, because it is better to prevent than to repair damaged skin afterwards. For example, from Dr. Hauschka Neem hair lotion, for about € 13.

You are what you eat!

Proper nutrition can also have an impact on a healthy scalp, and therefore hair shine. Protein rich foods are the magic formula here, because protein is the building block of hair. Fish, meat and eggs are therefore irreplaceable. For all vegetarians, tofu and soy products, nuts, and beans are important. Dietary supplements such as B vitamins (beauty), zinc, iron, and magnesium also promote hair growth and strengthen the scalp.

Wash day!

It was long rumored that you should give your scalp and hair a break and avoid shampooing during this time. Aside from the fact that it is likely to have a strong influence on the well-being of oneself and others, this thesis is a falsehood and any dermatologist will advise against it. Because it is very important for the scalp to be cleaned regularly, that is, about three times a week. This is where environmental pollution meets natural oils – bacteria are particularly happy to multiply under these circumstances. The surfactants contained in the shampoo loosen dirt and oil and are therefore absolutely necessary for hair to breathe and shine. If you have a sensitive scalp, use a Guhl baby shampoo or special detergent with white tea extract and water mint for around € 7.

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