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It’s getting slippery

It's getting slippery

“I always wanted to have a mermaid session like this one”, shine Sarah-Anessa. The other candidates may not be that excited about the task. Especially when the photographer and his camera fall into the water, the horror is great: Was all the effort wasted and all the photos disappeared?

So the organizing talent of the girls from GNTM 2012 is in demand: they have to manage a fashion show, which candidate can positively stand out here and why could it be for Sara does the end mean? Is it spoiled with the preparations or is it because of the hundred sailors who represent the audience of the show?

You can find out all this and more on Thursday at 8:15 PM in Pro Sieben at GNTM 2012.You can find all the information about GNTM 2012 in GNTM Special. Here are all the candidates again for an overview: