¡La película de Jacko no se transmitirá!

Jacko’s movie will not air!

“It bothers me that the insult was apparently intentional, not only to my father, but also to my godmother Liz [Taylor]. Where is the respect? He has sweated blood and tears for decades to leave a legacy as artistic and profound as this one. It is a pity!”

In particular, Paris Jackson cannot understand at all that a white man was cast to play her father: “He has made it clear many times that he is proud of his roots. He would never have wanted that. “

The film is about a road trip of the three icons of music and cinema. Michael Jackson, Elizabeth “Liz” Taylor and Marlon Brandowhat supposedly really happened when the three were unable to fly due to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and therefore shared a car. The film will be part of a series of films called Urban Myths, the first episode of which will air on January 19 in the United States.

Now production company Sky Arts reacted to the shit storm: “We made the decision not to air the half hour episode ‘Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon’ on Urban Myths due to concerns raised by Michael Jackson’s close family it was not our intention to hurt anyone, Joseph Fiennes [Darsteller von Michael Jackson] fully supports our decision. “

Paris Jackson is happy about that. She wrote in a now deleted tweet:I am pleasantly surprised that the feelings of the family were really taken into account once. We appreciate it more than you can imagine. “