Jaime King: ¡Tu pequeño está aquí!

Jaime King: Your little one is here!

Jaime King: Your little one is here!

It’s a boy!

wantedon 07/21/2015 | 08:16

Just a few weeks ago, Jaime King celebrated his roaring baby shower, which he had hosted by his godmother (who would be) Taylor Swift. Now the little newcomer to the family is finally here! Jaime King and Kyle Newman have become parents to another child.

Through Instagram, the two, along with the fan base of “Hart of Dixie” actress Jaime King, welcome the four-day-old family. “We are SO happy to see our new baby in the world!“, Kyle Newman commented in the account of his beloved a photo that shows the happy parents of two and the brother” older “James Knight still in the hospital.

Kyle Newman and Jaime King also gave information about the child’s birthday in their first post-baby post: “Born on Thursday, July 16!“So there have been four from Jamie King and Kyle Newman in four days!

Jaime King: The name is coming…!

Mother and son seem to be doing very well, at least Jaime King is smiling happily at his beloved from the side. The difficulties of childbirth can still be clearly seen in the photo of the 36-year-old woman, but the whole family looks very relaxed.. While Jaime King apparently waits to breastfeed child number two, Kyle Newman and little James Knight diligently respond to the many congratulations from the couple’s fans and friends. The couple would also like to announce the boy’s name soon, according to “Us Weekly” magazine.

Has Taylor Swift already headed to the hospital to meet the youngest Jaime King and Kyle Newman? After all, the pop star becomes the godmother of the little and until now anonymous addition to the family. We keep our eyes and ears open!