Jake Gyllenhaal quiere convertirse en director

Jake Gyllenhaal wants to become a director

Jake Gyllenhaal wants to become a director

Camera, set, action!

wantedon 07/22/2015 | 10:59

Jake Gyllenhaal can already look back on a successful and varied career as an actor. Whether in the dark sci-fi movie “Donnie Darko,” the poignant drama “Brokeback Mountain,” or the thriller “Nightcrawler,” Jake Gyllenhaal delighted not only fans but movie critics as well. Now the star has revealed that he is drawn behind the camera.

At the age of 34, Jake Gyllenhaal has already accomplished a lot in his acting career. His talent has already been confirmed with 21 awards won and many more nominations, including an Oscar nomination. Jake Gyllenhaal is now looking for new challenges and is aiming for a behind-the-scenes race. In an interview with “Time Out” magazine, the heartthrob revealed what made him want this and if we will soon have to accept seeing it flicker on our screens less often.

Jake Gyllenhaal would like to give the orders on set

In reality, you would think that Jake Gyllenhaal had to overcome more than enough challenges in his acting career. For his new movie “Southpaw,” in which he plays a professional boxer, the star, who has never been in the boxing ring before, had to train not only convincing boxing skills, but also mountains of muscles. And that’s after just losing 30 pounds for the movie “Nightcrawler.” However, Jake Gyllenhaal is now looking for a project that challenges him in a whole new way – he would like to direct one day. “You really have to know what to say. And you have to be very well prepared, ”says Gyllenhaal of the art of directing. “You not only have to master the trade, you also have to be well prepared on a human level because you have to be very patient.”

Jake Gyllenhaal: Will he no longer be in front of the camera?

When asked if his plans are currently being implemented, Jake Gyllenhaal replied: “Nothing specific has been planned yet. I think about it, but I also see how difficult it is and how many people think they can do it.“So his fans don’t have to worry about not being able to continue admiring Jake Gyllenhaal in front of the camera.

We are curious to see how long it will take for Jake Gyllenhaal to join the ranks of actors who are also trying to direct and if he is as successful as Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and company. Image Source: Getty Images / Michael Loccisano