James Bond: Gillian Anderson quiere interpretar al 007

James Bond: Gillian Anderson wants to play 007

Woman power!

Daniel Schmidton 05/24/2016 | 16:32

Gillian Anderson apparently has big plans. The TV star brought his name to the table for a very important role that currently needs to be re-elected: James Bond.

Gillian Anderson would have nothing against the license to kill!

At least from his statement that he would rather cut his wrists than play James Bond again, it should be clear that 007 is out of date for Daniel Craig. The star of “The Avengers”, Tom Hiddleston, is considered a very attractive contender. Not only has he proven his spy skills in “The Night Manager,” his butt even has his own hashtag (#Hiddlesbum). But many fans are demanding more diversity and mention black actor Idris Elba, who would also make a fantastic James Bond.

But why does 007 always have to be a man? He also probably asked Gillian Anderson and ran directly to be Craig’s successor. An advocate for her candidacy for the British secret service even took a photo of the powerful woman and retouched it in front of Bond’s classic silhouette. The result was immediately shared on Twitter by the X-Files star and titled “My name is Bond. Jane Bond ”. The idea is not so far fetched. After all, the post of MI6 chief was held by a woman for the first time ten years ago, Judie Dench.

Gillian Anderson: The perfect bond?

If it were a Bond actress, no one is more suitable than Gillian Anderson. Thanks to “X Files”, he has a lot of experience as an agent. Since 2013, Gillian has shown us as a tough detective in the Irish crime series “The Fall” (highly recommended due to Jamie Dornan being a sick serial killer, among other things) that Gillian can deal with men just about like any man. Bond has done it with women. also on amazon video). He was able to live his dark side on the side of Mads Mikkelsen in the American series “Hannibal”. She has style and class anyway. The only downside: There has only been one James Bond in the history of the series who was not from the British Isles. Australian George Lazenby was only allowed to run once before Sean Connery was brought in.

We are absolutely in favor! Gillian Anderson MUST be the next Bond! So there is not only a lot of girl power, but also the first Bond boys …

Image Source: GettyImages / Jason Merritt

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