James Bond se está filmando actualmente en Austria

James Bond is currently filming in Austria

James Bond is currently filming in Austria


wantedon 06/01/2015 | 15:01

The shooting of the new “James Bond” movie “Specter” promises to be spectacular. After all, you have to if you want to build on the incredible success of “Skyfall.” But now the film crew thwarted the Austrian climate.

It was 2pm last Sunday when “James Bond” star Daniel Craig arrived in a camouflaged helicopter in Altaussee, Austria. But instead of immediately starting shooting, he found the 300-strong team comfortably in their hotel rooms. For the well-known secret agent, the weather had really spoiled the punctual start of filming for the latest “James Bond” movie.

“James Bond” star Daniel Craig was properly snowed

Whether filming starts on time or not, there is one person in Altaussee who is happy with the presence of the “James Bond” crew: Mayor Herbert Pichler. As the “Express” reports, he is already very excited to see his hometown on the big screen. “The movie company approached us last summer. Now we are very proud that such a global film is being shot here, ”said the head of the 1825 community. Although Herbert Pichler himself is a huge “James Bond” fan, it was important to him that despite the filming, it is not rebuilt as much in the community. However, the mayor predicts only positive things about the popularity of the place around the world: “Tourism has already recovered. We will provide any additional beds we have. ”

James Bond: everything stops for filming

Although filming was delayed and “James Bond” star Daniel Craig has meanwhile settled into his suite, many streets in Altaussee have been closed for a few days and a flying ban across the lake has also been imposed. . According to the “Mirror”, the fact that the closures were maintained despite the delay in filming should go against the current of some tourists. Meanwhile, most of the filming of “James Bond” should be finished by tomorrow Wednesday and will take place mainly on the lake.

What is James Bond doing in the small community of Altaussee? Perhaps the village’s residents can soon look forward to a quick chase across its beautiful lake. In November you can see them on the big screen.

Image Source: Frazer Harrison / GettyImages