James Franco: ¿está planeando un proyecto cinematográfico con Lana Del Rey?

James Franco: Are you planning a film project with Lana Del Rey?

James Franco: Are you planning a film project with Lana Del Rey?

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wantedon 01/30/2015 | 09:59

What do James Franco and Lana Del Rey have in common? They are good friends and both are artists who are misunderstood and misunderstood by many. In an interview with “V” magazine, James Franco spoke about the singer and their mutual future plans.

James Franco admires Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey stands out in the music business for her unique and mysterious nature. Therefore, she has often been criticized for her live performances and seems very withdrawn and shy in interviews. His good friend James Franco explained the reason for his reluctance in an interview with “V” magazine.

“Lana has become a friend of mine. She is a musician, poet and video artist “, described James Franco Lana Del Rey. The two are quite similar. “She is an interpreter and I am an interpreter.” The peculiarity of the singer is that Lana Del Rey moves in her own world: “Lana lives in her art, and when she returns to earth for interviews it becomes chaotic because it was not made for this world”, defended James Franco the singer . “She was so disappointed in her life that she had to create her own world. Let them live in it. “

James Franco wants to make a movie with Lana Del Rey

James Franco and Lana Del Rey are good friends

James Franco can also imagine working with Lana Del Rey in the future: “He has this idea for a movie. I want to do it because it’s a bit like Sunset Boulevard. A woman lives alone in a big house in Los Angeles! She doesn’t want to go out. She is going crazy, paranoid, and thinking that people are watching her. Even in your own home. It’s like a great B-movie that lives in Lana’s head ”. As with Lana Del Rey, art is at the center of James Franco’s life, and that is exactly what makes them two good friends. “The only difference between Lana and me is her soulful voice. She wears it all. The voice is its central axis around which everything else revolves. My axis, as your voice is for you, is my performance “.

Lana Del Rey and James Franco are very good friends because the actor shares the same love for art as the singer. They both live in their own world, which revolves around their passion. A joint film project could be quite interesting …

Image source 1: Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images for Sundance Image source 2: Instagram / jamesfrancotv