Jamie Dornan se avergüenza de su "cara de orgasmo"

Jamie Dornan is ashamed of his “orgasm face”

Jamie Dornan is ashamed of his "orgasm face"

Intimate looks (inside)

wantedon 01/22/2015 | 14:09

For the role of dominant businessman “Christian Gray” Jamie Dornan was challenged a lot. Not only did he need classes at SM to look like a convincing “cathedral,” the very intimate shots of his face during sex scenes also upset the 32-year-old.

Millions of people will witness Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson playing hot sex games in the game room starting February 12. And even if the couple on the screen are not actually having sex on camera, they should look as convincing as possible; after all, mostly female viewers have high expectations of the film adaptation of the erotic bestseller “Shades of Gray.” During filming, Jamie Dornan reached his limits from time to time.

Jamie Dornan is now a true S&M professional

“It’s the worst thing you can imagine,” admits Jamie Dornan in an interview with “Variety” magazine, talking about the revelation of his facial expression during orgasm, which we heard at least once in “Shades of Gray.” It will be a witness. The 32-year-old hopes the associated scene will end quickly: “For all the reasons one can think of, most people would probably keep their sexual faces a secret. The idea of ​​a million people watching this! I hope it happens very quickly. “ However, we hope otherwise …

Jamie Dornan had whip lessons

Another problem that came up during filming was the fact that Jamie Dornan had nothing to do with the sadomasochistic world. To be convincing as a cathedral, every move, every lash, and every slap has to be correct. For this reason, the handsome Irishman was not only informed in the novels of EL James and selected films, but also took classes from a professional of the scene, a “guru and dom,” as Jamie Dornan explained to “Variety.” This not only introduced him to theory, but also gave him practical lessons, because, as the “Shades of Gray” actor admitted: “I’ve never had anything like this in my hand before (editor’s note: a whip). There is probably a technique for using a whip correctly. He had no talent for that. ” However, with a little practice and expert help, Jamie Dornan came to a positive conclusion in the end: “But I have achieved my goal. I have learned all kinds of tricks that will help me in my life! “

The example of Jamie Dornan proves once again that sex scenes in reality are not at all funny, on the contrary: sometimes they can even be very embarrassing. Of course, we can understand at 32 years old. A positive side effect, besides money and fame, of course, filming “Shades of Gray” also had a positive effect on Jamie’s private life: he is now very familiar with the world of sex toys…

Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Merritt