Jamie Dornan no tiene tanta confianza como parece

Jamie Dornan is not as confident as he seems

Jamie Dornan is not as confident as he seems

Despite the body of the dream

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In his role as the sexy billionaire Christian Gray in “Shades of Gray,” Jamie Dornan appears half-naked or naked in 20 out of every 100 minutes. Since millions of women around the world will see it on the big screen starting February 12, men naturally want to look good too. This is why Jamie Dornan trained hard to toughen up his body.

Jamie Dornan sidewalk her body

Dressed topless and skinny jeans: This is how Jamie Dornan aka Christian Gray welcomes playmate Dakota Johnson aka Anastasia Steele into his game room. It goes without saying that the body should look as defined as possible. To stay in shape for the upcoming “Shades of Gray” promo, Jamie Dornan is currently training in the gym. A snapshot on Twitter proves it: “With the guys from @Iron_fit. I gave them two seconds to take this photo before I collapsed and cried. Shooting star Jamie Dornan wrote these self-deprecating lines about a photo where he is holding his entire body weight in the air with just his arms. Consequently, his arms are tense and they look very muscular. You can definitely see the lead actor from “Shades of Gray”!Jamie Dornan has self-esteem issues

Jamie Dornan is not confident

Overtraining has a completely different reason, quite sad. Because while his fans think Jamie Dornan is sexy, the 32-year-old sees him differently. This is because he suffers from dysmorphophobia, an altered perception of the body and has a different view of himself than most people. “I have massive blocks when it comes to my appearance,” admits Jamie Dornan in an interview with “news.com.au” and also explains why: “I was a very skinny kid and I always struggled against being small. . Despite his previous modeling work, Jamie Dornan’s altered image of himself has not changed: “When these things are ingrained in your head, these insecurities about yourself, all the flattering things that people do cannot change how you feel.” The actor now takes every opportunity to train and grow his beard to counter his self-proclaimed “baby face.” Still, Jamie Dornan is sure: “No matter how much I have trained, I will never be happy.”

Who would have thought that the coveted “Shades of Gray” star would have trouble with her self-esteem? After all, Jamie Dornan doesn’t just look good, but he also has a special charisma. We hope you eventually get your self-perception disorder under control and now enjoy your view on screen even more.

Image source: Twitter / jamiedornan; Getty Images / Mark Davis