Jamie Dornan ahora está en Instagram

Jamie Dornan is now on Instagram

Jamie Dornan is now on Instagram

Rookie on social media

wantedon 08/19/2014 | 11:51

It’s only been 18 hours since “Shades of Gray” hottie Jamie Dornan opened his Instagram profile. At the moment, the ex-phobic’s social media channel still looks very virgin, but that should change immediately …

Jamie Dornan’s Instagram membership is a great treat for Shades of Gray fans. After all, they have to be patient for another six months until the SM drama with Jamie Dornan in the title role flashes on the big screens. Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2015, “Shades of Gray” should hit theaters around the world.

Jamie Dornan is an Instagram newbie

Now the loyal fan base of author EL James’ erotic bestsellers can stay afloat with the Instagram profile of Jamie Dornan aka “Christian Gray.” Although… So nothing is happening on the 32-year-old’s channel yet. In any case, Jamie Dornan proved once before with a funny snapshot real selfie qualities. So there is hope …

Jamie Dornan knows what his fans like

Jamie Dornan isn’t really known for his informational willingness and candor, but by opening his Instagram account, the “Shades of Gray” hottie shows he’s mentally prepared for the onslaught of fans and mass hysteria that ensues. It started with the release of “Shades.” of Gray ”with an estimated 100 percent chance of being approached. After all, Jamie Dornan’s account has a whopping 132,435 followers just 18 hours after it was opened. Who else was Spartacus?

The “Shades of Gray” star doesn’t trust Instagram so much, after all, 18 hours after opening her account it’s time for a second post. The 132,435 followers are eager to see more of Jamie Dornan. Maybe a sexy topless photo in the style of Christian Gray? Pay attention!

Image Source: Instagram / jamiedornan