¿Jamie Dornan no está contento con el set de "Cincuenta sombras"?

Jamie Dornan not happy with the set of “Fifty Shades”?

Jamie Dornan unhappy with the set of "Fifty Shades"?

Golden raspberry

Christina Cascinoon 03/01/2016 | 10:59

There has been constant speculation about how “Fifty Shades of Gray” will affect the careers of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Now they have both been awarded a Golden Raspberry for worst lead actor. A circumstance that influences the work of the second part?

Yesterday, Monday, filming began for “Fifty Shades of Gray 2” in Vancouver, just days after the previous film received five Golden Raspberries on Saturday. A misfortune that could make Jamie Dornan and everyone else on set sad. At least you have to think that the first photos of the shoot give a completely different impression: for example, there are recordings circulating on Twitter that show a very cheerful Jamie Dornan at work.

In one of the snapshots, the Hollywood star even smiles at a colleague shortly after getting out of the car. The photo also shows him again with the classic look of his character, Christian Gray: Jamie Dornan wears a stylish gray suit and brown leather shoes. And his full beard had to yield again for the role, but this time only a three-day beard and not shaved close. In addition to Jamie Dornan, many other people were seen involved in “Fifty Shades of Gray 2”: according to this, co-stars such as Eric Johnson, Max Martini and Bella Heathcote are already in Vancouver.

The first part fails in Hollywood

Although “Fifty Shades of Gray” grossed $ 571 million worldwide and was watched by large numbers of viewers, the S&M romance obviously doesn’t appeal to everyone. The film failed not only among film critics, but apparently among filmmakers as well. Both parties are behind the “Golden Raspberry Award Foundation,” which is awarded annually by the Golden Raspberry the night before the Academy Awards, a kind of counter-Oscar for the worst achievements of the year. “Fifty Shades of Gray” won in the categories “Worst Picture,” “Worst Leading Actress,” “Worst Leading Actor,” “Worst Screenplay,” and “Worst Screen Couple.” Oh!

Even if Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, as well as “Fifty Shades of Gray,” couldn’t convince Hollywood as a whole, we’re still very excited to see what the second part will have to offer. It is good that the main actor, at least apparently, does not get carried away by failure.

Image Source: GettyImages / David Cannon