Jamie Dornan: La preparación para "Shades of Grey" fue tan caliente

Jamie Dornan: Prep for “Shades of Gray” was so hot

Jamie Dornan: Preparing for "Shades of Gray" it was so hot

Purely professional …

wantedon December 17, 2014 | 10:31

In order to optimally prepare for his role as “Christian Gray” in the film adaptation of the sexy cult novel “Shades of Gray,” Jamie Dornan visited a sex club, and it was obviously very hot!

Visiting a sex club for professional reasons – many men dream about it. Jamie Dornan reported in an interview with the UK edition of “Elle” that he did just that, to get involved in the sexy mood of his new movie “Shades of Gray”. But what exactly happened to the actor in the sex club?

Jamie Dornan was getting ready to film at the sex club

“I went there and they offered me a beer and they did… whatever they were having fun with,” Jamie Dornan recalls his visit. Apparently, he found the inspiration for “Shades of Gray” that he was waiting for. “I saw a Dominus with one of his two submissives and he became the role model for our movie.Jamie Dornan explained the purpose of his trip to the sex club.

Jamie Dornan had to take a long shower afterwards

One can only speculate to what extent Jamie Dornan got involved in the establishment, but the visit clearly benefited him greatly. “I encouraged them by saying, ‘Come on, I know I’m not going to pay for this, but I’m hoping for a show!‘”Jamie Dornan describes his behavior in an interview with” Elle UK “. Overall, the evening was worth it for him: “It was an interesting evening.“Regardless, it was obviously strange for Jamie Dornan to come home to his wife and then their newborn baby after such an experience. “Then I went back to my wife and my baby… I had to take a long shower before I could touch them.The 32-year-old reported with a smile.

Jamie Dornan at a sex club, but the staff must have been happy! This form of familiarization with a role is certainly quite enjoyable, and Jamie Dornan has obviously used it a lot. We can’t wait for the sexy movie to start in theaters …Image Source: David Cannon / Getty Images