Jamie Dornan: Shades of Grey trata sobre el romance

Jamie Dornan: Shades of Gray is about romance

Jamie Dornan: Shades of Gray is about romance

Bondage sex?

wantedon 06/01/2015 | 17:40

On Valentine’s weekend the long-awaited bestseller “Shades of Gray” begins in German cinemas. If the strip sticks a lot to the template, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson should get down to business. But for the hottie from “Shades of Gray” it’s more about romance than hot bondage.

The novel “Shades of Gray – Secret Desire” and its two successors are an absolute bestseller. So it’s no wonder the novel series has made it to the big screen. Still, the film adaptation is expected with more suspense than usual. After all, “Shades of Gray” is about the racy themes of slavery, dominance, and lustful submission. The trailer already shows that it should be hot between lead actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. After all, the erotic plays an important role in the novel.

Jamie Dornan just plays the hot bondage artist

BDSM, as the predilection for pleasure, pain, and bondage games is summed up today, may indeed play a major role in the template for EL James’s “Shades of Gray” book, but for the Christian Gray actor, Jamie Dornan, erotic games are only secondary. “I think the love story between the two is much more important,” said Jamie Dornan in an interview with the British magazine “Elle.” “It’s not just about what happens in the ‘Red Room.’ You couldn’t fill a whole movie with that. ” So “Shades of Gray” fans are expecting romance rather than sizzling action?

Jamie Dornan can not only be seen in the “Red Room”

For Christian Gray, played by Jamie Dornan in the film adaptation of “Shades of Gray,” the “Red Room” is the setting for his sexual fantasies, which he would like to live with the inexperienced student Anastasia Steele. But Jamie Dornan sees the qualities of the film more in the love story between the two. So can you see a very shortened version in the cinema? You can see the hint of some hot SM scenes in the trailer, but with an under-18 premiere and the start of Valentine’s weekend you can expect the film adaptation of “Shades of Gray” to not go into as much detail. like the literary. Predecessor.

Jamie Dornan plays the hottest temptation in recent literary history in the film adaptation of “Shades of Gray.” We think that Hollywood hottie has the potential to turn us on a lot on screen, but of course we’re also looking forward to a lot of the romance on Valentine’s Day!

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