Jamie Dornan cree que su título de "Hottest Hunk" es un error

Jamie Dornan thinks his title of “Hottest Hunk” is a mistake

Jamie Dornan believes his title of "Hottest hunk" it's a mistake


wantedon 05/13/2015 | 12:09

At the end of April, Jamie Dornan was voted “Hottest Hunk” this year by nearly 200,000 “Heat” magazine readers. And while many prominent men would be very happy to receive this award, Jamie Dornan even claimed that the magazine was wrong. What does the handsome Irishman have to oppose the sexy title?

Many women gasp when they hear the name Jamie Dornan, especially when they think about the fact that they might see the sexy actor in the “Shades of Gray” sequel without … Not surprisingly, the 33-year-old was voted “Hottest Hunk” by readers of the British magazine “Heat”. But instead of being honored, Jamie Dornan was surprised by the choice.

Jamie Dornan doesn’t think much about sexy awards

“I sent the copy of the ‘Hottest Hunk’ survey to Jamie in South Africa, where he is filming. Winning that kind of thing doesn’t mean much to himbut he knew he would be happy. When I called him he said, ‘It must be a mistake.’ But only his usual modest reluctance“, Quote the magazine” Heat “Jim, the father of Jamie Dornan. I beg your pardon? Does Jamie Dornan have such a distorted image of himself that he can’t understand why many women find him totally sexy?

Jamie Dornan currently has a lot of projects going on

Good thing Jamie Dornan currently has a lot to do, because he doesn’t have to worry about his “Hottest Hunk” title. The 33-year-old is currently in front of the camera for the trill “Jadotville” in South Africa, and will later film the third season of “The Fall” as well as the “SoG” sequel “Fifty Shades Darker”. Jim Dornan hasn’t seen his son too often lately and would like to have more free time for Jamie Dornan: “I hope Jamie gets a break at the end of the summer, everyone works really hard,” explained the 57-year-old. Magazine. We cross our fingers for him to make his wish come true!

We think Jamie Dornan should relax. After all, he’s playing a hot guy in an even hotter movie. And in the end he chose this role himself. As for Jamie Dornan’s father, we hope that he will see his son more often in the future.

Image Source: Getty Images / Joe Scarnici