JB como el príncipe azul

JB as prince charming

And that’s why she picks up Justin, gives him a beautiful dress and celebrates her Quinceañera with her. So sweet! Ashley can hardly believe her luck. And Justin is in his element – he may be the teenage girl’s prince charming tonight!

The teaser video of Justin’s visit to Noah:

And the second “Knock Knock” is also a great success. Justin visits Noah, who suffers from Down syndrome, at church with his father Nikia. Noah always raps with his father. And that’s why he shows Justin what he’s capable of. Even Justin is on the verge of tears. For all medical bills, Jus then gives the family a check for $ 50,000.

Of course, this is all a show and Justin Bieber probably didn’t think about visiting these two fans on his own. Still, it’s great that he’s participating and you get a feeling that he was very close and happy to visit. It’s great when stars use their popularity for something like this!

So grab a tissue and watch the two heartbreaking videos!

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