Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

JB is a tough blonde!

Nice, fit, unshaven

As always, exclusively knows the reason for Justin Bieber’s platinum blonde hair. the well-informed person He says: “In his head it’s about making his music and his album platinum. He is very superstitious and really believes that when he thinks of something, it will come true. So he thinks that if he is surrounded by platinum, it will also happen. “

Sounds crazy? This is what the source also says: “It sounds stupid, but platinum blonde hair is based on the behavior you want for your career and your album. He really wants the album to be a huge success. “ Okay okay If you think, why not? If you have a firm belief in something and do everything you can to make it come true, then Justin Bieber should dye his hair platinum blonde.

However, her new cut and color are already being cursed on the internet. It is known as a “lesbian raver cut.” How about the blonde with him?

+ + JB was already platinum blonde + +

Justin Bieber had already dyed his hair so light at the end of last year. The hairstyle and everything looked like this: