JB con la cabeza calva

JB with a bald head

JB with a bald head

Justin Bieber (16) is not only so popular and known for his music, his hairstyle and cute face also make girls’ hearts beat faster all over the world. The coolest thing about him is that he’s not too vain to dress up sometimes. Therefore, the Canadian superstar shows not only humor, but also the courage to be ugly!

JB with a bald headDon’t be surprised! Even if it looks deceptively real: Justin didn’t shave his hair. On the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show, the singer was persuaded to spontaneously wear a bald cap. Uaaarrggghhhh, thankfully it’s just a costume. So Justin, balding is not the ideal look for you.

As a reporter on the red carpetAt the Golden Globes on January 14, JB dressed as Reporters on the red carpet. He has been seen several times wearing nerdy glasses and his beard looks totally fake – there’s even more Justin!

In the commercialHere the costume is really perfect. In a commercial for the electronics retailer “Best Buy,” Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne appear in a commercial as guys down. With all due respect, you really wouldn’t have recognized it like that!Would you have recognized Justin like that? How well do you know Justin Bieber? Take the mega quiz.