Jean-Paul Gaultier deja Hermès

Jean-Paul Gaultier leaves Hermès

Jean-Paul Gaultier leaves Hermès


wantedthe 28/05/2010 | 18:06

Jean-Paul Gaultier leaves Hermès

French star designer Jean-Paul Gaultier is now leaving the luxury brand Hermès. The fashion newspaper “Vogue” announced this news in its online edition.

Maybe there seems to be something to the proverbial “damn seventh year.” At least seven years later, the creative collaboration between Jean-Paul Gaultier and his employer Hermès broke down. Everything had started so well, you could almost speak of a dream wedding.

Jean-Paul Gaultier and Hermès: Shared HistoryAs early as 1999, the long-standing company participated in the “enfant terrible” of the fashion scene. The wedding of the two companies was symbolically represented: Hermès director Jean-Louis Dumas wore a navy-style sweater with white and blue stripes, the hallmark of Jean-Paul Gaultier. The rebellious designer also paid tribute to the traditional house and wore a Hermès tie. Five years later, the extraordinary designer was brought to Hermès and has been responsible for the company’s women’s line ever since. It should polish the dusty image. But perhaps the 58-year-old man’s creations were simply too extravagant for the label, which has made a good name for itself primarily for its scarves, bags and equestrian products.

Jean-Paul Gaultier: So it goesThe 2011 spring and summer collection will be the last collection that Jean-Paul Gaultier will create for Hermès. He will leave the company this fall. His successor has already been determined. Christophe Lemaire will take over. The designer was until now the creative director of the sportswear brand Lacoste. But the “divorce” between Hermès and Jean-Paul Gaultier is extremely amicable. Hermès will keep the shares of Jean-Paul Gaultier. An official press release reads: “Hermès is deeply grateful to Jean-Paul Gaultier for the extraordinary creative contribution he has made.” The reason for the split is the fact that Jean-Paul Gaultier is again concentrating more on his own projects. wool.

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