Jenefer Riili y Matthias Höhn: Primera foto de familia

Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn: First family photo

Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn: First family photo

From the hospital

My God, how much hair the little one already has! Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn publish the first family photo together with their son Milan.

Jenefer Riili gave birth to her son Milan last Wednesday, Papa Matthias Höhn was in the delivery room and accompanied the delivery. And the new parents are now on cloud nine: “It’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen.” Now, the two actors from “Berlin – Day and Night” have shared a photo for the first time showing their baby.

Jenefer and Matthias light it up. Mama Jenefer holds the little man on the hospital bed in her arms, Matthias puts his arm around Jenefer and Milan. “Without words”, write the BTN artists below the photo.

Do you love the return?

Does the birth lead Jenefer and Matthias to get closer again? We remember: in mid-April Jenefer and Matthias parted ways. The reason was an incident that triggered a crisis, as Jenefer exclusively confirmed to us at the time. However, after Milan’s birth, the two seem to get closer again. At least that’s what the look the two of them look at in the first family photo reveals.

What are you saying? Can they find a way to be happy again? Or do you think that this first crisis came too soon, so they will have no future together? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook. There, of course, you can congratulate them both …