¿Jenefer Riili y Matthias Höhn vuelven a estar juntos?

Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn get back together?

Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn get back together?

After separation

What exactly is happening between Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn? Are they together again after their breakup? Fans are sure: YES! The reason for this is various images that Matthias and Jenefer posted on Instagram.

It has been an exciting time behind BTN stars Jenefer and Matthias. Earlier in the year, the two confirmed that they are together. Shortly after the engagement and the official announcement that Jenefer is pregnant took place. Unfortunately, the luck did not last long. In April there was an incident between the two that Jenefer confirmed to us exclusively. The future of the two was uncertain, he said at the time.

Do you love the return?

Now the two seem to be getting closer (thankfully!), As two welcome photos might show. You can see the following:

The first photo shows Jenefer in a bikini. She is wet from a stream of water in a garden, showing her beautiful belly. He laughs happily at the camera. The second photo shows Matthias being hit by a stream of water in a garden. He laughs happily at the camera.

Mmmh, you can add one and one, right? No, because: According to the hashtag, the photo of Matthias is said to have been taken in Berlin. Jenefer is currently in her hometown Munich because she wants to give birth to her son there. Are these photos a mere coincidence and the two of you don’t spend time together? No, the fans believe.

This is how Jenefer found out that she is pregnant …

You are sure: Matthias is already in Munich. Because he will accompany Jenefer during the delivery and will accompany him to the delivery room. In any case, fans do not believe that the BTN stars believe this photo to be “coincidental” and believe that Matthias and Jenefer are trying to fuel rumors and destabilize their fans. You feel ripped off and not taken seriously.

  • “Total joke … you’ve been in Munich for a long time!”
  • “All just lying shit to get more followers. It’s funny that the two reconcile after such an ugly battle, just like Kappés and his wife. We agreed anyway! : D I bet, good. “
  • “Um, how long do you want to fool your followers? That is beyond stupid! “
  • “It’s good that they’re together 🙂 at least spatially.”

Another user finds another “proof” that Matthias is NOT in Berlin, but with Jenefer in Munich for a long time! Matthias had been giving himself away for a long time because he published a photo of the dog: “(…) and he’s with Jenefer. You can also see the dog in his story. “

Have fans exposed a lie? The fact is: of course, Matthias’s presence in Munich wouldn’t mean the two are a couple again. Because, as they said after the separation, the two of them want to take care of their baby together. However: They both look very good-humored in the photos, which might at least speak for a small approximation.

What you think? Are they together again? Are you playing a bad game for your fans? Or can’t you imagine them getting back together because the incident happened too soon after they met? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.